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Srdjan Dragojevic pentru Ceau Cinema: "Vă iubesc, îmi pare rău că nu sunt cu voi"

Srdjan Dragojevic e unul dintre regizorii sârbi importanți ai ultimilor ani. A rupt cu controversata dramă de război, Lepa sela lepo gore (Pretty village, pretty flame, 1996) apoi a fost premiat la Berlin pentru Parada (2012). În intervalul de timp dintre aceste filme a avut și o experiență la Hollywood (s-a stabilit la Hollywood, a fost în discuție pentru mai multe proiecte, dar nu s-a materializat mai nimic)  A fost încîntat că îi dăm filmul la Ceau, Cinema! Și deși e prins între două festivaluri ca membru al juriului, mi-a răspuns la câteva întrebări (probabil pe avion). Cum și noi suntem un pic prinși, nu mai apucăm să traducem interviul (pînă săptămâna viitoare).   

CeauCinema: Atomski Zdesna/ Holidays in the sun is basically about a scheme to trick people into buying something they really don’t need and surely can’t afford. This is not new to capitalism and it is a problem we need to discuss more in Romania, as well. Are there a lot of “selling” (and other) schemes in Serbia, fooling people right now?

Srdjan Dragojevic: Timeshare scheme is basically a metaphore for a dozen of schemes the citizen of transitional countries have to live and suffer on the daily bases. Yes, they still exist - I went to one "free trip" three years ago to tenerife for a research. So, the story is quite accurate, I was observing this for a whole week. By the way, I am among hundreds of thousand people from all around Eastern Europe who get a loan in Swiss Franks, another scheme...

C.C.: In accordance with the international title, Holidays in the sun is a solar film, a comedy (even if a dark one), but the ending is like a punch in the gut. Was this subversive tone your intention from the start?

Srdjan Dragojevic: I always have that mixture of comedy and tragedy. Our lives are like it, these times are like it. And I am a bit manic depressive person. So tragicomedy is quite good genre for me.

C.C. After Kusturica’s Black Cat, White Cat, Srdjan Todorovic earned an icon status here in Timisoara. How did you work with such a first class actor, who’s performance, near the end, is explosive?

Srdjan Dragojevic: But Srdjan Todorovic played Devil in my first film We re not Angels - from 1991. And we’re friends from much earlier before, since both of us were rock musicians and played in new wave bands. So, it is always easy with him. 

C.C. Romanian cinema has seen, in the last couple of years, tons of films about the Communist era and Ceausescu. Serbian cinema has another predilect theme: Yugoslavia's war. Is this a form to exorcise some demons of the past? Some kind of collective therapy?

Srdjan Dragojevic: I became really bored of it. It lasted for two decades. I did my contribution with Pretty village, pretty flame, a bit too early, in 1996. And I have to say  I cannot really understand that constant need for war films, in the countries that have much more serious problems than the ones we are living with.

C.C. What’s next for the Serbian cinema? Or what should be next? (your opinion, of course) 

Srdjan Dragojevic: A couple of interesting sophisticated horrors, maybe? I think horror is a great genre and an author can be really political with.

C.C. You also had a vast experience with Hollywood (not necessarily a happy one). What where the lights and what were the shadows of this experience?  

Srdjan Dragojevic: I have a feeling about that experience as if it belongs to another life...

C.C. In Timisoara we have a large community of serbians and plenty of serbian cinema fans (mostly because in the communist times, here in Western Romania, we only had access to pop-cinema through serbian tv channels). Do you have a message for people who come to see your film at "Ceau, Cinema!"?

Srdjan Dragojevic: I love you all, sorry for not being with you.

C.C. And finally, my favourite question to ask a cineast: what do you love about cinema?

Srdjan Dragojevic: It's a hard question for somebody who's been watching two films a day for more than 30 years, from New Zeeland's horrors to litvanian art house.

Așadar, dacă nu v-ați săturat de Sooooaree veniți deseară pe răcoare la o comedie neagră, balkan style, VACANȚE LA SOARE (ora 22, Grădina de Vară). Înainte de film, puteți să intrați în atmosfera cinematică, de la 21, cu ajutorul unui DJ set (oh! not again) "solar" /instrumental/ hip-hop, by Waka_X (Felix Petrescu/ Makunouchi Bento).

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