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@waka_x out from "Interstellar"- shitloads of money for Mr. Nolan, this director that sells sugarcoated space shit for living.

"Interstellar" - the cheap emotional rollercoaster ride in space and time, the interdimensional clichee pusher.

"Interstellar" message: love and gravity are transmited through space and time. no, really?!

"Interstelar" message 2: "Fuck the Earth, the Earth is fucked. We fucked it. Don't try to save it, let's go and fuck other planets!"

The space race and the space dream should be alive for the wonder of it not for exclusive economic reasons. but what do I know...

Matthew McConaughey plays bruce willis in this cine-scam. and he plays it worse than bruce.

He's in space, stiff and focused, tens of years, only for the mission. no kisses, no farts and no blank stares. hero.

Best design in the whole movie: the ROBOTS! they pay tribute to the classic american school lockers.

I appreciated the analog look of spaceships and the music of mister Zimmer but that's all their is there to like...

@waka_x: true that "But Interstellar’s deep space turns out to be shallower than we expected." - @PeterBradshaw1

"Interstellar" - like "Gravity" - cheap (yet oh so expensive) hyper-active cine-mannerism for the time of crysis...

"Interstellar" falls into the trap of agressive morals, almost religious redemptive values, all in the name of "humanity".

Please STOP comparing it with stanley kubrik's odyssey. it's a shame doing it.

I'd compare it with a 3 hours solo non-stop orgasm in a huge empty industrial fridge. it can't be good for you...

Still, "Interstellar" is better than 80% movies in cinema here, yet it wasn't a good experience for me...

@richieTM: Un episod de 3 ore din "Cosmos" cu un plot mai dens decat miezul unei gauri negre si drama cat sa umple cateva vieti de om. #interstellar

@ilMircu: Nolan Bros goes for the big prize again. Your mind.

N-am habar cat de corecta e "stiinta" din Interstellar, dar sunt sigur ca, dupa film, o gramada de pusti se vor apuca de fizica. Ca sa afle.

Daca treci peste senzatia de inceput ca vezi ceva gen Night Shyamalan (Signs, de ex.) filmul poate sa te prinda. Eu l-am lasat sa ma prinda.

E probabil singura forma de "turism spatial" pe care o voi trai viata asta.

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  1. E ca in Star Trek, nu te poti baza pe stiinta. Nici existenta gauricilor negre nu e dovedita, vai s-amar :))


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