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Annabelle vs. The Babadook


Richie si waka_x au avut un program previzibil aseara. Fiecare a servit cate un horror. Eu am servit placinta cu dovleac.


@richieTM: #halloween Watching Annabelle. Silly grown-ups playing with ugly dolls. This is frightening enough without the jumpscares...

I'm curious, are the demons who try to possess little dolls considered a bit weird by the rest of the demon comunity? 

When a priest takes a doll to church to "weaken the demon inside of it" does this have some sexual implications? 

All things considered...#annabelle is pretty scary... Thank god I have my phone with me.

Can't wait to see a movie mash-up Chucky vs Annabelle: Dolls from hell. It would be like Bonnie and Clyde's fucked-up figurines on a rampage

The Babadook

@waka_x: wow! "The Babadook" is one of the best and most complexe cinematic horror experiences lately.

Essie Davis gives an unforgettable "dr jekyll and mr hyde" tour de acting force 

"The Babadook" will be a cult classic quite soon, no doubt!  psychological horror at its best.

am crezut ca e overrated dar nu e. e vorbit de bine pe merit(e).
si are dimensiuni si intelesuri in plus pt cei cu kids.

Pofta bu-hu-hu-nă!

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